Our Mission

We want to help great brands connect with their audiences. There is no better way to create a big impact than outdoor advertising!

What We Do

We consolidate all of the UK's outdoor advertising locations and layer it with geo-spatial audience data.  With so many different media owners, it can be difficult to plan an outdoor advertising campaign that suits your brand. We've made it much easier by mapping ~95% of all outdoor advertising sites and combining them with a number of useful datasets. Booking your next campaign will be easy and accurate!


Clients are our priority. We understand you need to make decisions fast, so we always return plans fast.


Our friendly and experienced Account Managers are always there to assist and answer any questions.


We take time to understand your objectives and use our platform, layered with insightful data, to deliver results.


Rather than spreadsheets, we provide detailed proposals that are easy to digest.

Our Services

Why use an agency? Planning and buying OOH media is complex and takes time. Make use of our years expertise and discounted buying to save time and create a more effective campaign. We will help you every step of the way!

Establish Objectives

We work with you to establish your campaign objectives. Audience: who do you want to reach? Dates: when do you want to run the campaign? Is there a special event or product launch we can use to make the messaging more relevant? Budget: how much is available for the campaign, or rather how much do you need to spend to reach your desired number of customers or business outcomes?


We work with you to establish your channel mix. We find out how you are currently reaching your customers, and show you how OOH can amplify these channels. For example it can be very effective at increasing Click-Through rates on Social Media and Display ads.

Creative Content

Planning and booking is just one aspect of OOH. You need some great artwork to fill the space and get your customers excited! We can connect you to creative agencies that work across a wide range of styles and sectors. If you already have an agency or in-house creatives, we can advise you on how to adjust your artworks and messaging to suit the format.

Campaign Management

Strategy, planning and buying is just the start. We need to receive the large-format artwork from you, coordinate with the media owner and make sure the campaign went up. We work to ensure sure it’s all running smoothly and you've got the perfect campaign.

Reporting & Success

We love successful campaigns. A happy client is a happy TOAD.ai! We’ll maintain contact to see how the campaign went, and if you saw uplift in your key metrics. We'd love to work with you again, for your next outdoor advertising campaign!

Our Team

George Hintzen


Award-winning Architect George held computational roles at top UK offices Heatherwick Studio, Zaha Hadid and Wilkinson Eyre on groundbreaking projects in like the Bombay Sapphire Distillery and Battersea Power Station. He specialised in optimisation of complex geometries and integrated signage - communicative architecture. Drawing from his experiences, he moved into the world of Outdoor Advertising - where the built environment meets media. He loves retrofit infrastructure: Mobile phone masts, billboards and treehouses.

Soham Trivedi


A multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur with a BSc & MSc in Computer Science, Soham won a £25k prize and partnerships with Barclays, Microsoft, Facebook & Google for DoY’s 2015 iDEA award for hottest under-25s with wayfinding app Luna, which he then sold. Venture Take-In, won the ‘Build It’ award from Santander and QMUL and gained entry into MassChallenge London 2016.  His previous role was Lead Developer at OFF3R, a leading alt-finance aggregator. He also mentors in the inQUBEate accelerator. He loves Zelda.

Oliver Ruthie

Sales Director

Oliver is a performance-oriented sales professional heading up TOAD.ai business development. With 11 years experience in media, emerging tech, and advertising, Oliver is highly motivated towards client success and focused on business outcomes. He has a passion for unmatched support and relevant solutions. He recently received a certification in Blockchain Technology from BerkeleyX and is working towards another certification in financial investments. When not on call, Oliver enjoys discovering new books and traveling with his wife and two kids.

Geeta Patel

Data Scientist

Geeta handles all things data. With a background in Physics, she is fully equipped to ensure all our data is accurate and functional! She is responsible for keeping our platform up to date with all the latest data-sets. She also helps with impressions and audience data for campaign planning, to make sure we're reaching our maximum potential. In her spare time she is super into vegan cooking, gorillas and anything to do with space!