We're A Data-Driven Outdoor Advertising Agency Powered By Technology

What Is TOAD.ai?

We love outdoor advertising but grew tired of confusing and uninspiring campaign planning. So we made our own platform! We've combined 1/2 a million sites across 70 formats and 60 media owners and layered it with audience, traffic and travel data.
We can now reveal the best value formats and locations to reach your audiences. Powered by technology, we plan faster and more effective outdoor campaigns!

How We Work

We establish your budget, target audience and campaign objectives.
We locate your customers and select sites that will reach them.
We take care of  bookings - you just need to wait for your ad to go up!

Send Us Your Brief

Get in touch with us! There’s a lot to chose from, and our team will help to make your budget work more effectively. We will plan and book from start to finish.
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We love working with exciting and innovate brands!


We will help you navigate through 1/2 million sites, across over 60 media owners - we'll get you great rates!

Why Use Us?

Data Driven Planning

We use geo-spatial data, with many different demographics. We will locate and target your audience, as well as measure the traffic and transit flow nearby.
In just a few clicks we can narrow down the sites to suit your brief and budget.

Great Rates

We will find you the best rates to suit your budget. We have ideas for all different prices and can accommodate your needs.
Our platform allows us to filter the sites that are most cost-effective, whilst also reaching areas densely populated with your target audience.

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