What is B2B Marketing?

B2B or business-to-business marketing involves the marketing of products or services to other businesses and organizations. Essentially, a company is selling to another company for the use in production of goods, general business operations like supplies or computers, or resale to other consumers (wholesaler selling to retailer).

B2B Marketing Channels

Some of the most common B2B marketing channels include email, blogs, search (SEO), social media, or white papers/eBooks. B2B companies generally don’t use mass media advertising because there is a misconception that their audience (companies) are not walking across these ads when in fact, they are.

Why use OOH (Out-Of-Home)?

Out-of-home is a form of mass media advertising that produces a bigger reach than any other media. It works for B2B because you are still marketing a product or service to consumers which are the people that work for B2B companies. It could be a beneficial move to make if companies want to break through the market and create a more competitive advantage. B2B companies can utilize ads on billboards, transit, phone booths, and more.

OOH advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week.

Starling Bank in the U.K.

Starling Bank is a digital, mobile-only challenger bank that offers consumers the ability to monitor and control their spending and future savings with the use of modern technology. In order to create more brand visibility and popularity, Starling Bank saw an opportunity to incorporate OOH as part of their marketing strategy. It was crucial that they place their ads in the tube stations to capture their potential audience of commuters who are typically men and women in the workforce. As a result, Starling Bank has grown to be one of the leading banking services in the U.K.

Splunk in the U.S.

Splunk, a leading platform for operational intelligence, has integrated the use of out-of-home advertising such as billboards. After careful research, Splunk realized they needed to expand their marketing channels and implement billboards as part of their strategy if they wanted to successfully penetrate through the Silicon Valley. By strategically placing their digital billboard ads along the US Route 101, Splunk computed that this campaign could potentially reach over 8,500,000 impressions which is a huge step for corporate awareness.

B2B has now become more of a B2C (business-to-consumer), as nearly 60% of people now have a business or ‘side-hustle.’ It’s worth using mass media marketing to reach those customers at a fraction of the cost so before you hit send on your current email, switch it up and use outdoor advertising today with the help of TOAD.ai!

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