It’s Summer time. Sun’s out, boards out. So whether you’re going to the park or to the seaside, check out the newest forms of travel, ranging from the best on-land and in-water gadgets which take you from A to B, for all adventures.

1. Boosted Mini S

Price: $825

An update of the very much-loved skateboard has arrived. This high technology skateboard is the newest iteration of old cool travel. At a high price of $825, this skateboard rides up to 18 mph with a standard range of 7 miles with full battery. For an extended time of fun, the boosted board lasts just over an hour and a half. The skateboard rides in three modes, ranging from Beginners to Pros, so if you’re not a confident boarder, so don’t be afraid to give this a go!

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2. Rocket Skates R5

Price: $99


If you liked roller skates as a child then this is a definitely a purchase for you! These new Rocket Skates are powered by two brush-less DC motors allowing you to whizz around town at 7mph. With a battery that lasts just over two and half hours you have plenty of time for fun. These skates are currently on sale so you can snap these up for just under $100.

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3. Egret- Ten V2 Electric Scooter

Price: £1,450


This new electric scooter is the greatest new piece of technology to ride into work with, moving up to 20 mph on the roads and a huge range of 42km. The bike is also installed with two brakes, one at the front and a hydraulic disk brake at the back for ensured safety at all times. Whilst still ensuring it can still be easy to travel with, the bike is easily compact with a new folding mechanism. This scooter is the perfect summer companion with a 500W motor-powered battery!

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Price: £950


This rolling disk is all the rage in compact travel. With only being one wheel, the small and ultra-thin design still travels up to 20 mph making for a speedy journey. It has new LED technology, so you’re not going to be missed when you’re travelling down the roads, with colors and patterns that can be customized to over 65,000 variations. The INMOTION V8 costs £950, so it’s a a hefty investment, but is it the new easy uni-cycle?


5. Ninebot Mini Pro

Price: £695


This speedy Segway runs just under 12 mph whilst using high technology which reads your movements to keep you balanced or centred whilst riding the Ninebot. In comparison to its competitors the Ninebot has a much slower speed of 12mph but can run for up to 30 km. This new advanced version of the Ninebot MiniPro is also water resistant, meaning no matter where you are heading, even through rain and mud, the Ninebot can endure it.

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6. Sublue’s WhiteShark MIX

Price: $329


The cheapest of all these underwater options, this amazing piece of technology leans you one step closer to becoming a real-life mermaid…isn’t that what we all want? This initiative piece of technology allows for underwater scooting which takes you through the depths of water at a steadily speed of 5.6kph. The WhiteShark can run for up to an hour whilst going up to 40 metres deep down. The WhiteShark MIX is perfect for either lazy swimmers or in-experienced diver’s. This being due to the simple complexity of the design; simply needing the swimmer to grip the bars, press the triggers which start the propellers and then hang on whilst you drive through the ocean.

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7. Fliteboard Efoil

Price: $8,995

Deposit Price: $3,150


An updated technological surfboard, this brand new Fliteboard hovers above water silently without causing any splash to the rider, very much a re-work of the ever so loud Jet Ski. The Fliteboard takes a lot of skill and persistence.  The quiet motor can move up to 40kph in the water, assuring for a very fast journey. The Fliteboard also comes with a co-pilot-the flite controller. The controller is a waterproof handheld remote that helps with cruise control for the rider.

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8. Flyboard Pro Series Kit

Price $2,725


We all wish one day we might possibly be able to fly, right? Well, these dreams can finally become reality with this genius masterpiece. The Flyboard is a hydroflight device which takes you above the ground powered through a motor in the water which attaches onto a hose pipe, shifting you powerfully above the water at a very fast rate.

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9. Seabreacher

Price: $80,000- $100,000


Price: ( buy the experience for $150)


The traditional form of recreational boating has been taken over by these speedy animals. The Seabreacher can travel up to 50 mph when on top of the water and halves in speed to 25 mph when under water. The slim-line design of this technology allows for fast movement through water; even able to jump over, dive under and cut through the waves. The newest model is able to take this extreme by doing 360 degree turns through the water. If you are desperate to give these a go, I would definitely recommend the cheaper option of the day experience due to the hefty price point of $80,000.

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Price: $7,845


The SEABOB takes diving to a whole new level. The product requires little knowledge or effort from the user’s part due to the great technology. The SEABOB can be steered down up to 40 meters deep into the ocean just by applying light pressure. The SEABOB lasts for up to an hour in the sea, ensuring a long time of fun diving. With a speed of up to 20kmph when submerged under water, you will be able to take in all the incredible views of the ocean!


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