About Nush

Nush is a new convenience food brand specialising in the manufacture of dairy free yoghurts. They bring an exciting alternative to customers who are unable to, or prefer not to, eat dairy based regular yoghurt.

Why Nush Came To TOAD.ai

Nush came to TOAD.ai to help launch their brand with a real bang, and decided that using outdoor advertising was a cost effective way to interact with their customers and encourage them to try this exciting new brand.Nush had a clear brief, so we were able to easily find their key audience attributes and plan a campaign to target them. Fresh artwork ensured the Nush ads were eye catching and reflected the new branding.

In order to create brand awareness, Nush were advised to advertise on the London Underground. With 5 million passengers a day there is a wide variety of people, so the advert is guaranteed to be seen by those key target customers. Nush displayed their ads across Central London’s most popular stations including Oxford Circus and Leicester Square.

These stations have some of the largest passenger flows which made them best suited for multiple viewings. For example, a station such as Leicester Square has the following stats and demographics:

From just Leicester Square alone, the Nush ads were seen by almost 3 million people, over the 4 weeks the campaign ran. Combining this with the other Zone 1 stations created millions of impacts. Additionally, the ads were seen repeatedly by many people, as seen in the chart above. This meant the Nush message would be seen multiple times helping the brand to become widely recognised.Using our unique online media planning and buying tool, TOAD.ai were able to help Nush plan and execute this entire campaign with ease. We worked together to help their brand get noticed and we believe we did a great job!

"TOAD.ai are the answer to all your outdoor advertising needs!" - Nush

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