As summer begins to bloom, so do the flowers. Floriography, or the language of flowers is using florals to express how you feel. This is an opportunity for boundless creativity and an opportunity to express your passion. Each flower symbolises something special.

Whilst some are a declaration of Love, others symbolise elegance and beauty, devotion and radiance.

Whether you want to use flowers to invoke sensuality, give an unexpected floral statement or let someone know you appreciate them, this crafty giveaway is one of a kind. They can be enchanting, empowering, fun, calming and lets not forget incredibly grounding for our wellbeing and mental health.

It’s often difficult to find the right Florists for what you are after. This is why we have created a list of our favourite places where you can subscribe to bouquets, make your own flowers and receive the purest and sweetest of deliveries whether they be expected or unexpected. Give one away or treat yourself to one!

Not all these places do subscription flowers, there is a huge variety of what these brands offer, which is what makes each one so unique to the other.

1. Freddie's Flowers

When you can’t send a card, what’s your alternative?

Founder Freddie set his business up after being brought up in and around a Floral background. Both his parents are Florists and his surname is even Garland, so sounds like fate!

The flowers are handpicked from a local farm where they are grown naturally. They are then delivered to you weekly and arrive with complete with Arrangement tips.

Follow Freddies blog for floral guidance and tips.

Subscription Price: £22

Freddie's Flowers

2. Bloom & Wild

This savvy brand gives you a huge scope of choices on what you can do. From Workshops on how to learn flower arranging to big Occasions or birthdays and hand tied Florals.

Best sellers are The Ella, The Harper, The birthday Bouquet & The Rose garden.

The letterbox flowers are packed by hand and protected using a netting to keep them in perfect condition throughout their journey to you. These blooms can be used as perfume, certain types such as Tuberose often symbolized with ‘dangerous pleasures.’

Subscription Price: £60-£110

Bloom & Wild

3. Floom

Based in London and New York, Flooms flower arrangements are unique and special. A crafted celebration of natural beauty and love.

Independent florists which deliver same day!

Subscription Price: £48- £80


4. Flowerbx

An online flower delivery service, providing you with the freshest flowers which have come directly from your door and are delivered straight to your door.

Send flowers, buy flowers, plants, accessories or subscribe to flowers.

Choose the strongest, most vibrant flowers ensuring joy with each delivery. There is a colour flower option and white flower delivery option to choose from.

Subscription Price: £45 for 10 stems


5. The Fresh Flower Company

This company caters for all sorts, not just subscriptions. There is an online shop where you can also purchase Terrariums, Houseplants, Vases and Pots & flowers.

From Peonies to pastel coloured roses and Posies, there is something for all.

Subscription price: £60 *without vase*

The Fresh Flower Company

6. Bloomon

Choose the size of the flowers you would like and then a time which suits you and Bloomon will deliver accordingly. Free & flexible delivery even at night. Deliveries can be cancelled at any time – you are in control of your schedule and when the flowers arrive.

The variety differs from week to week, with choices such as Tulips to Chrysanthemums. Each flower is picked in tune with the seasons, creating delicate combinations and wild clashes – with a twist.

Subscription Price: £21.95 – £32.95


7. Petalon

These bouquets are remarkably beautiful and distinctive. Every Monday morning, two bouquets go up on the website. Two unique designs ready to be delivered.

Packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable which makes this brand one of our ultimate favourites. For every 100 bouquets sent by post, 1 tree is planted in the UK. Each tree offsets one tonne of carbon which improves air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.

You can also send flowers, purchase wedding flowers or attend workshops. Cappuccino roses and centrepieces will leave you wanting more.

Subscription Price: £125 * Weekly 4 weeks* or £100 *Monthly for 3 months*


8. Urban Flowers

Textures, tones and a botanical influence are 3 aspects which inspire Matthew Richardson, the founder of Urban Flowers. Every week, a vibrant and vintage bunch of flowers is created, available Monday – Sunday with daily stock. There is free same day delivery all over London from Monday – Saturday and or Free click and collect till 5:30pm.

Perfect for your home or workspace.

Each filled with its own personality.

Subscription fee: £100/ 3 months £200 / 6 months (monthly) & £372 (12 months)

Urban Flowers

9. JamJar Flowers

The bespoke London florists which source, handpick and press from the most natural of surroundings and purest of environments.

This business was created and founded by Melissa  Richardson and Amy Ireland. Their concept was inspired by their antique fair foraging and fascination of displaying plants displaying flowers simply and elegantly.

These really are one of a kind, filling your space with a wonderful energy and positive environment.

Subscription Fee: JamJar of Flowers £50

Pickle Jar of Flowers £70

Kilner Jar of Flowers £95

Giant Jar of Flowers £125

Enamel Bucket from £150 plus delivery and VAT

All prices excluding the Enamel Bucket include delivery and VAT.  Currently we only deliver in London and all next day deliveries must be placed before 2pm. Deliveries outside of Central London may incur additional charges, which will be confirmed via email on receipt of your order.

JamJar Flowers

10. The Allotment Florist

Helena, founder of the Allotment Florist’s green fingered approach means that these seasonal flowers are wonderfully wild and freshly handpicked.

Workshops are hosted throughout the year, so come along to come and learn how to create her homegrown and economical masterpieces.

There are group courses in and around London as well as Private Hen parties where you can come and visit Helena, or she can come to you. More information available upon contact.

Subscription Fee: Upon request via webpage.

The Allotment Florist