How do you know if you need to go on a retreat?

Find inspiration to work on your health goals in a place with little to no distractions. Trash the guilt and eat healthy food whilst having fun in a unique and inspiring environment. You will meet new people, have the chance to unblock any stress or anxieties you’ve been feeling, and renew your energy.

To find individual solace in a day to day routine can sometimes be tricky with the expectations, pressure and busyness of everyday life which is why a getaway can be the perfect escape to face those worries and work on creating the best possible version of yourself.

We allow ourselves to devote so much of our precious time to our phones, out laptops and technology in general, which is great to communicate and stay in touch – but we mustn’t lose our connection to nature, to ourselves and to the present moment.

You will receive the mental & physical boost you didn’t know you needed.

Below, you will find retreats we think are worth the time out to get regain some much needed head space.

1. Stanglwirt, Austria

From top quality spa and medical treatments to sport and leisure opportunities and outstanding first class events, there is an option for everyone. You’ll be whisked off into a world which offers everything, except the everyday.


2. Ayur Universe, Himalayas

Here we have an award winning luxury destination and spa resort to take you into a completely different world. The lush surrounding landscapes will seep you into the beautiful location set on the foothills of the jaw dropping himalayas.

Whether you’re looking for a Detox therapy to focus on sustainable results for weight loss and fitness or a simple 8 days of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation – the treatments, experiences and customised diets will leave you feeling like an entirely new person ready to take on whatever challenge life throws your way!

Ayur Universe

3. Breathe Guru, Lanzarote

This space belongs to Alan, a man who decided to build a sanctuary of peace and seclusion. Somewhere with volcanic and sea views.

Located only 79 miles off the coast of Africa, Lanzarote is at the most easterly point of The Canary Islands. As it is a rural location, car hire is definitely recommended.

There is the option to attend Breathwork Workshops and 1-1’s as well as couple retreats where relationships which are in crisis and need to regain that spark through counselling, breathwork sessions and some quality time out in a luxury non judgemental environment.

The Telegraph has said …”I’m in a Zen-like refuge in the hills of Lanzarote, being lulled into a meditative trance by Alan Dolan, one of the world’s leading mind-body practitioners. I’ve just had the best craniosacral massage of my life…”

Breathe Guru

4. Bushmans Kloof, South Africa

With several awards and Votes from high end travel press and Tourism, this destination immediately captures your attention! Based in Western Cape, South Africa, it is only 270 km from Cape town. As it is a South African Natural Heritage site, it often has visits from endangered species, also being home to 150 kinds of birds, 750 types of plants and over 35 species of animals.

The outdoor dining experiences are extraordinary with breathtaking views.

Bushmans Kloof

5. Santhosh Retreats, Ibiza

4 night bespoke Ibiza retreats, with a limited amount of space for 12 people, these are intimate and personalised to relax, laugh and rejuvenate.

Ranked within the Top 10 Luxury Villas For 2016 by The Daily Telegraph, this villa comfortably sleeps 12 adults, with 6 air conditioned bedrooms and 6 natural ones.

Santhosh Retreats

6. Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

Surrender to this truly holistic experience and nourish yourself with highly personalised healthy living opportunities which will completely turn your perspective. Their focuses come in from various practices such as yoga, meditation, hikes, alternative therapies and holistic treatments with a personal outlook on each person and what they need.

Six Senses

7. Amansala, Tulum

Natural materials and resources are used for the accommodation and rooms to create the top most comfortable and eco friendly environment as possible. The resources and natural beauty surrounding Tulum are what creates this unique experience as it really does produce a one of a kind atmosphere.

The staff consist of an incredible team, ranging from yoga instructors to bootcamp instructors and personal trainers. All are fitness professionals with disciplined skills and a one of a kind way of teaching people.


8. Aro Ha, New Zealand

Aro Ha is only a 40 minute drive from Queenstown, a place known as the adventure capital of the world. The best practices for solving the essentials of life are done through permaculture to Passive Haus. This agricultural and social design stature is a principle which centres itself around the various environmental factors.

These elements and spaces are combined for group interaction and sharing. Move together, eat together, play together.

The Aro ha will help you along your stay, through a step by step process, leaving you glowing.

Aro Ha

9. Sha, Spain

Medical innovation, natural therapies and healthy nutrition. The 360 holistic wellness ‘Sha method’ for total transformation and health.

Featured in Conde Nast traveller as the Best Spa in Spain (2015) and Top in the Wellness travel awards for 2016 within Europe.

This place offers the following programmes: Wellness, Recovery, Rejuvenation, Weight control & Detox, Fitness and Anti – Stress. Something for everyone. Even if you are a smoker looking or thinking about quitting smoking, then this option is available to you.


10. Desa Seni

Desa Seni translates as “Art Village’ offering far beyond its title. The wellness package includes cleansing rituals, spa therapies, beauty therapies and ancient therapies as well as one to one yoga sessions.

Come and lose yourself in a completely different world. Discover another part of yourself you didn’t know existed and give yourself the chance to totally detox and have some fun whilst doing so!

Desa Seni