Here at we love anything data related. We’re always interested to keep up with new technology and see what other people have to offer. Here are some of our top picks of companies using artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning:


Synap is an education app which helps students learn and revise. Their app lets you create your own quizzes, so you can test yourself on the exact topics included in your course. They then use spaced learning which determines the right time to revise a topic as well as going over questions you may need more practice on. Additionally, quizzes can be shared on the platform, for all to use.

Although their algorithm is used mostly for medical quizzes, they also work with businesses to create bespoke training solutions. By applying their technique to other topics, they have created a learning tool to train employees in a faster and more effective way. They’ve created a fun, efficient way to revise and have 10,000+ medical users, with many great reviews.


Phrasee use AI to help you choose the right phrases to market your business. Their AI learns from your audience and can tell you exactly what sentences or phrases will help get you noticed. They are primarily used for marketing and have worked with some big companies such as Virgin, Domino’s and Gumtree, each time producing brand uplift.

Their AI can cut out the process of brainstorming and planning slogans, creating time for your employees to focus on other important tasks. It is proven to work as their clients have always reported a growth in product awareness and sales. Their algorithm can sometimes come up with unique and daring ideas, which your employees may not have thought of.


This app provides personal coaching for runners. It incorporates your fitness levels, availability and goals to create a bespoke plan for each user. It tracks every time you run and measures how you are performing. It can then suggest improvements.

TrainAsONE understand all the issues caused by running, such as injury and over-training. They use this knowledge, combined with AI tools, to create an app which can help you become a better runner, at your own pace.


IntelligentX use AI to create your perfect beer! After trying a bottle, you can submit your feedback, through an online system. Their AI is then used to process the data it has received, and will brew up a new batch. This means the machine will learn to adapt to your taste and will ensure you beer improves, the more you test it.

As people have such a wide variety of taste preferences, this system can help you find your own personal, perfect beer.


This company create interactive videos. They use AI technology to produce videos that can be interacted with. Users can engage with the videos and click on items and services they might like to purchase and/or read more about. They have worked with many large companies such as PlayStation and Hugo Boss to create some great marketing campaigns.

Their videos have a 67% chance of being interacted with, which can help brands to drive sales and get their company noticed.