With the current heatwave showing no sign of ending, we thought we would look at some past studies on how London is affected by the weather. As we rarely see such high temperatures in the UK, it can sometimes be dangerous when it gets so hot. We don’t typically have air conditioning in most buildings, so the heat can affect residents more than we realise.

A previous heatwave in 2003 resulted in over 2,000 deaths in the UK, which motivated University College London to study the risks of high temperatures. We are sharing their findings so that people can be more conscious of the areas they live in, the people they live near, and to ensure everyone remains safe during these hot conditions.

The following visualisation* displays the areas that have previously shown a higher mortality rate, as result of the hot weather.

As seen above, the areas on the outskirts of London are more highly affected by the heat. There seems to be a higher mortality risk in areas such as Bromley, Hillingdon, Havering and parts of Harrow, Barnet and Enfield. Areas in central London appear to have a lower mortality rate, especially in Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

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*Taken from ARCC and UCL. (Author: Dr Jonathon Taylor – Senior Research Associate, Faculty of Built Environment, UCL)