We’re bang in the middle of summer and this is the perfect time to shake up your style! With online shopping exploding in the last few years, many retail locations are suffering. Household names like M&S and Arcadia are struggling to attract customers and compete with the speed, cost, variety and relevance of online. There’s sometimes a stigma for men disregarding their fashion due to the chore of shopping, that’s why we have shown you our top picks of online fashion stores- keep reading to find out. We have included screenshots of each e-tailer we suggested so you are able to understand the interior of their brand!

1. Asos

Don’t know your style? ASOS is a brilliant place to start, known for a massive online platform of marvellous clothing, ranging from good quality basics to popular brands, tickling everyone’s fashion fancy. From brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren to Stussy, they really do try and cater for as many people as possible.


Whilst offering brands, ASOS do many of their own ranges to suit all body shapes and sizes-from plus-size and tall. In comparison to a lot of other companies, ASOS are one of the only ones to do this, therefore, standing out in the overcrowded web. For good quality clothing, you really can’t beat the pricing given.


Occasion: Casualwear

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2. Mr Porter

For class, chic and understated style, Mr Porter is one of the highest class online stores. It is the brother of the very successful Net-a Porter, offering over 450 top of the range designers.

The quality reflects the very high price point, with outstanding fabrics and great attention to detail. To stay in the fashion loop, the site also offers its “journal”, featuring articles and interviews following daily fashion trends, style advice and life lessons.


Occasion: Occasion wear

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3. The Idle Man

The Idle man is a brand which focuses on men’s stylish casual wear, targeting the men who don’t want the fuss of shopping. Their aim is an enjoyable and easy shopping experience, so if you want some chic clothes with no hassle – this is your website. Oliver Tezcan, the founder of The Idle Man was a former buyer of ASOS, resulting in clear similarities between both websites.

Similarly, to Mr Porter, The Idle Man offers their advice through a blogpost on the website helping all men with those crucial decisions.


Occasion: Casualwear

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4. Farfetch

All about individuality? If so, this online boutique is for you, offering over hundreds of individual designers, ranging from street edge to smart chic. Farfetch brings the specialty of high end shopping right to your computer as they offer an edge to every type of style. Their clothes range from £200- £3,000. Farfetch have designers such as Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga (who are at the top of the market) so when shopping here, the higher your budget, the better.


Occasion: Streetwear

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5. Hackett

World known for their luxury fashion and class, Hackett radiates effortless style through their website. The brand has been in the industry for a while, therefore, understanding the need for classic style. This has worked very well as they appear to be one of  the best online stores for men. From styles like classic contemporary to chic athlete, the brand really has something for everyone.


Occasion: Workwear

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SSENSE is a known popular international fashion brand which sells a selection of branded, high-end clothes. The brand offers more street-wear and targets a particular part of the male fashion market. The prices are more compatible with a bigger budget and some pieces go as high as £2,000.


7. All Saints

With a very laid-back style, All Saints focus on a weekend vibe, so if you hate feeling trapped by shirt collars all week, then All Saints is perfect for you. Their pricing is well-balanced, offering £35 for t-shirts and increasing for other pieces.

I would definitely recommend All Saints if you want effortlessly fantastic fashion.


Occasion: Casualwear

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8. Topman

Topman, the epitome of most men’s fashion? I believe so. Known for their stylish and on trend clothing, Topman is the perfect place to still look suave on a budget. With prices ranging from £20-£60, you really can’t complain. Whilst Topman offer their own range of amazing clothes, they also stock popular brands like Calvin Klein and Champion. Usually, these brands target the younger generation but they definitely have  plenty of range for all.


Occasion: Casualwear

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9. Uniqlo

From in-store confusion to online brilliance, a simple website offering the basics for the best price. Giving the range from cheap chinos to cool cashmere, this website is definitely for the men who want online convenience. For simple clothing, Uniqlo is the perfect website for you, with their pleasingly uncomplicated designs.


Occasion: Casualwear

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10. Reiss

If you want the ultimate style which oozes understated chic and edge, then Reiss is defiantly the shop for you. With simplistic but stylish designs, you’ve really got nothing to lose to pop on the site and have a browse. Although Reiss offers high pricing- they are known for outstanding quality in clothing therefore it’s definitely worth the splurge!


Occasion: Casualwear/ Occasion wear

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