What is proximity Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising?

It’s a simple and effective way to drive foot traffic to your stores. Out-of-home ads are placed in close proximity to storefronts in order to compel consumers to come in and shop.

Why is it effective?

Proximity advertising essentially creates a sales funnel, targeting potential customers walking by the advertisement, while they’re conveniently close to your physical location. It represents a last window of opportunity to grab consumers attention and influence their buying behaviour.

83% of people remember seeing out of home advertising in the 30 minutes prior to shopping.

Who uses it?

The effectiveness of this type of advertising has made it popular with a number of brands, from small local businesses to massive global organisations. Let’s look at some examples of brands that have used this effective method of outdoor advertising.


This retailer and pharmacy giant relied on outdoor advertising to drive traffic to its stores during the holiday season. By placing advertisements near their storefronts, Boots was able to capture the attention of consumers and direct them to the store to make a purchase. Of those who saw the advertisements 67% said they were likely to consider going to Boots to buy Christmas gifts. During a time when consumers are inundated with holiday advertisements, Boots successfully used these strategically placed outdoor ads to help them stand out and draw people into their stores.


It seems like there’s a McDonald's around every corner, and the brand used this to their advantage in their 2018 “Follow the Arches” campaign. The campaign adapted the iconic imagery of McDonald’s golden arches in order to direct consumers to the nearest McDonald’s location. These advertisements clearly communicated the location of the McDonald’s and how to get there, making it easy and compelling for consumers to swing through the drive-through or stop in for a bite! McDonald’s is no stranger to the outdoor advertising world - and has even engaged in a series of humorous ad-wars with rival Burger King. The brand clearly understands the value outdoor advertising holds!

Vagabond Shoemakers

Vagabond came to TOAD in hopes of using outdoor advertising to drive foot traffic to their storefront. A large billboard was displayed for two weeks on the main road, near the Bentall Centre, where Vagabond are located. This billboard reached consumers when they were already in the shopping or browsing frame of mind, and encouraged people to make a stop at the Vagabond store as they passed by the Bentall Centre.

If you’re interested in your own out-of-home advertising campaign we would love to help! TOAD.ai is a data driven platform that finds the best outdoor advertising sites for your budget, audience and campaign requirements!