Most agencies are turning into digital marketing and advertising and it became their primary focus and yet clients are still sparing a huge chunk of their budget every year for OOH (Out-of-Home) advertising as its still considered the key media vehicle for mass-reach with great impact in terms of awareness and strong market presence.

According to a study executed by MAGNA Intelligence and Rapport, which conducted in-depth surveys in 22 key markets including China, Canada, France, India, Singapore, USA and UK, OOH advertising spend is predicted to reach US$33 billion (GBP£25.2 billion) globally by 2021, with digital OOH boosting advertising revenue by creating more opportunities for marketers to target consumers in premium locations like transit spaces, airports and malls.

Many brands today use integrated marketing campaigns to attract, engage and retain customers with digital OOH platforms featuring prominently in the media mix to reach today’s hyper connected consumer.

Digital OOH does not face the same challenges as other advertising mediums. There is no ad-blocking, and with digital capabilities, mobile targeting, and enhanced traffic data, outdoor is now more integral to the media mix than ever. was brilliantly created to capitalise on the market continues need for OOH media and develop a tech platform driven by data to co-op and connect with clients, media owners and agencies.

Moreover, digital screens have also allowed OOH media owners to penetrate both niche and mass environments, allowing brands to reach the young urban population that is otherwise hard to reach by traditional media: offices, transit spaces, taxis and retail outlets. What’s more, digital OOH advertising is capable of brand reinforcement, triggering responses for immediate call-to-action, and providing an immersive experience.

Credit: 2018 Lighthouse Independent Media Pte Ltd