About Cudoni / How It Works

Founded by James Harford-Tyrer, Cudoni is a pre owned luxury service selling high end fashion. Items which deserve a better home and a classier marketplace where you know they’ll be received with love and good use.There is a range of categories, from clothing to electricals and accessories. Unlike its competitors, Cudoni offers a VIP service to all its clientele including a full valuation of the goods which also including a pick up service and other perks provided. View the website for more details.The dedicated team of luxury fashion experts then guide you through the phone or via email on making a decision of what to sell. All items are authenticated and professionally photographed and priced after listing them for sale across a vast number of channels where they are exposed to millions of people.

A team member will then come and pick up the item somewhere convenient for you, also packaging followed by a sales expert who will get back in touch within 5 working days with the valuation of the product.Once the item is sold and the buyer has confirmed they have received and are happy with the item, Cudoni securely transfer you your money to a bank account or alternatively a charity of your choice.You will earn up to a 70% of the net sales price, as something Cudoni does not believe in is hidden costs. Sound too good to be true? Give it a go and discover this reliable service for yourself, because it won’t let you down. Use the website to go through the Designer Directory to find out which brands Cudoni currently accept. There are three sections: Fashion, Watches & Jewellery and Luxury lifestyle.

Why Cudoni Came To TOAD.ai

Cudoni wanted outdoor to generate highly targeted leads and drives to the website. After discussing the various options to create optimum brand awareness, we brainstormed different ideas to go ahead with.

What We Did

We went ahead with the Executive offices. The campaign ran from around mid April to mid May, with a positive response from workers & a decent increase in traffic toward the platform. Engaging, tactical and visually aesthetic - these ads were ones made to remember and not to forget.

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