Known as the hopeless romantic, Happn goes beyond the average dating app by giving people an opportunity they might not have had by recreating this sense of serendipity.

About Happn

The app works with a location tracker, which some might find a little uneasy, however the concept of the app brings reality back into online dating making this experience an adventure, filling your network with connections through serendipity rather than random selections.Most people in the city commute into work via the Tube where thousands of people cross paths and often find themselves checking out potentials for their love life. However they might not have the confidence nor time to make conversation and spark things up ..which is where Happn comes into play. It enables those who are open to the moment following up a near miss by conversing on the app.

Happn was founded in Paris - known as the city of romance, where it’s now expanded to 50 million users with a strong following in London and New York as well as users across 40 countries with 6.5 million monthly active users. If you’re worried you might not cross paths with the person you’re hoping to - don’t stress as chances are they already have the app installed.Happn provides you with the ability to meet people who are nearby at the right time - creating a Love story in itself without even trying.

Why Happn Came To

Happn approached in search of an outdoor advertising campaign to raise brand awareness in Central London. They also wanted to introduce the public to this simple and effective way of improving the dating life of locals. As the app began in France and hadn’t yet surfaced in the U.K, the timing for the campaign was the perfect, especially with Valentine's day just having past!

After taking Happn’s ethos into consideration, we decided to go with geo-targeted digital taxi tops. These are great in terms of hitting all types of people within the target audience from all over the city, night and day. Who knows, some people may have even crossed paths in the cabs themselves! This format operates on a zero wastage basis which is an added bonus.

The campaign ran for four weeks from Feb to March, seeing a huge increase in registered users. The Taxi’s had over 2,410, 800 plays during the four week period, with the ad playing on 200 taxis.

The TOAD team have been nothing but generous with their time, creativity and professionalism regarding our campaign, helping and guiding us every step of the way. They have gone above and beyond our expectations and we have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside such an innovating brand which we look forward to working together with again in the near future! Thank you TOAD. "- Happn

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